Jonas Brothers Videos/Vlogs!

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Jonas Brothers Videos/Vlogs!

Post by XxMollyxX on Thu Aug 14, 2008 12:27 am

Here I will be posting new Vlogs/Videos from The Jonas Brothers!! If you want to ask them a questions their myspace profile is so visit their page! I'll join it soon but I won't ask any questions for you sorry. Oh and Demi and Selenas Myspace is in their friends (I think?LOL)! So in the thread for Demi and Selena I have the addresses there just incase! Well have fun and I can't wait till they post more videos! Oh I will post their videos they have uploaded with the description and title included when I get the chance!! This will take a long time since they have a lot of videos okay. So I will try to get them all up today.


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