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Website Rules

Post by MasonRocks on Sat Jul 19, 2008 10:32 am

I'm posting rules about the websites.

1. Please do not post any websites that may have dating, kissing or adult content.
2. Please post only G and PG rated websites. ( is PG and is made by nick so that's why it's also PG).
3. Any of Nicks sites are allowed.
4. If any age Limits mention is title and post.
5. If you make your own forums please mention in post, most members will join.

Here are examples of sites I am talking about.

Those are only examples. There are many more. Molly, if I did any mistakes please fix them.
If you have any questions Molly has a topic for that. Or feel free to PM Molly.
Thank you!

Always Follow The Rules.

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